Oh, Pete!

So dreamy! :-)

Yoo-hoo! It's Brittany! You know, the female half of ICBINF! How are you!

Yeah, I know, Mike hogs all of the attention because it's his website, and he designs the pages and stuff, and he would kill me if he knew I put this page up (but he won't ever notice—he's too busy reading his own stories and laughing to himself). Luckily, I've convinced him that I don't know anything about HTML.

ANYhow... I figure you must visit this site every once in awhile, so this is the best way to communicate my feelings with you:


Yes, Peter Whitaker, keyboardist extraordinaire, I love you and I don't care if the whole world (except for Mike) knows it! You're everything a girl could possibly want! It's that aw-shucks smile, that long, flowing hair (except when you cut it short, which is okay, too, don't get me wrong!) and those... fingers. Those long fingers. You're just so... ooh!!! You're a dream-boat!

I wrote this poem for you. I hope you like it.

Ode to Pete

Oh Darling Pete! You're so very sweet
From your head down to your knees
And perhaps even lower!
I'll never need mo-re!
So please, would you marry me, please!

I can't get enough of your wonder stuff!
Too long I've been hopelessly famined
Let's have a reversal!
An organ rehearsal—
Of course, what I mean is your Hammond!

Hooray for Pete!

There's a lot more to the poem, but I want to give the rest to you in person.

When can we meet? I work a regular schedule and it's easy for me to get days off if that's what you need. In fact, never mind—I don't need a job! I'll call them up and quit right now. I'm all yours! Isn't that great!

Girls, I have a request. These photos of Pete are the only ones I've got, and they're so horrible and grainy! It's so hard to get a good picture of Pete, because he's so shy. He's always in the background, isn't he! Life is sooo unfair. Could you pleeease do me a favor and email all of your good Pete pics to me?? I'd be totally grateful!

UPDATE! I got one!!!


Oh, and Pete, you can email me too HINT HINT!!!!

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